5 Creative New Hobbies to pick up in 2019

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With the new year less than a week away, everyone has started making plans for the new year with “New Year, New Me” thing that everyone does at the beginning of the year. This includes making lists for new things to learn or to try in the new year. Some of the things are a bit unrealistic like learning a whole new language in a year when you don’t even remember your own mother tongue correctly. The Duolingo owl gets tired of reminding you to get back to learning the language.


So, instead of choosing super hard things to do this new year, why not start with things that are easier and at the same time fun. Something that you will regularly be picking up willingly, rather than just doing it because you have to.


Here are quicky 5 things that you can pick up as Hobbies this New Year




Calligraphy is the more artistic way of writing. It’s all about the design and execution of the lettering. The various swirls and flourishes in beautiful writing that we admire and wish to have the talent for is what is calligraphy. It’s a more visually pleasing form of lettering. Broad tip pens or brushes are the commonly used objects used to practice this art. For beginners, there are practice books and special calligraphy pens available. To complement, there are vast number of tutorials on youtube also.





You don’t need to have a DSLR to take on photography nor do you need to have the desire to become a professional photographer to spend time learning the various techniques. It can be done as a hobby to see how cool photos are created with tips, tricks and an eye for details. Nowadays most phones have really good quality cameras so just click away and have fun.



Cake Decoration


Watching those baking and cake decorating videos on Youtube and Instagram make you want to do it yourself? Do you find yourself religiously clicking on videos that are based on cake decorating? Do you know about piping tips (especially Russian piping tips) and various techniques just from watching uncountable videos? Why not finally start doing it yourself. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the videos you watch, maybe start with just a cupcake?





Remember when you were a kid and loved to fill in your sketchbooks with crayons and paints and then life started happening and you put this fun little activity at the back seat of your life? Wasn’t it fun filling in colours and bringing a lifeless image to life? Colouring has proven to be relaxing. One of the trending items in 2018 was Adult Colouring Books, so, maybe this is the time to restart the hobby you had as a kid.





I personally have always been obsessed with how just folding papers can give you these amazing pieces of art. We all had crafted as a subject as kids. It was so much fun making boats and aeroplanes. Let’s kick it up a notch and learn to create figurines. Origami is an interesting art to learn and then brag about to your friends.


Finally, after all this talk of taking up new hobbies this coming year, one thing that has to be kept in mind while choosing your new relaxing focus is that it actually is fun to do rather than another chore to tick off from your list of things to do. Hobbies are supposed to make you happy while helping you learn a new thing or two, not stress you out.


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