Ultimate Bathroom Decor Tips

5 Ultimate Decor Tips to give your Bathroom an oomph!

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Bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a home and is used daily. Don’t you think something that is important and used daily should be taken care of with utmost attention? You mostly begin your day there, so, it is a smart idea to decorate the space and create an uplifting vibe. This boosts your mood and you start your day right. Similarly, a bathroom can be as well-decorated as other rooms in your home.


Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your bathroom


Follow a Neutral Colour Palette


A neutral colour palette helps make space feel bigger and spacious. The synchronization of articles open up space and not to forget that a neutral palette is aesthetically pleasing and helps your bathroom look upscale and classy. It also makes styling easier, because the colour options have been narrowed down and it makes shopping and styling a breeze.


Patterned tiles


Patterned tiles can transform a bathroom space completely. If neutral everything is not your taste and yet you still don’t want a lot of colour, bringing in colour and pattern in the form of tiles is a great solution. The tiles do not have to be limited to the floor and can be continued on the wall. Mix patterns and match colours or just go for one. This is a subtle and classy way to break the neutrality and still maintain it.


Wood Wall


Wood walls in the bathroom have picked up popularity recently because of how easy it makes getting the rustic look in your bathroom. Use wood panelling for lower costs and explore all the inexpensive options. It is a great way to give your bathroom a rustic spa feel. Remember the resort you stayed at? Turn your bathroom into something that resembles that.


Large Mirror


Adding mirrors open up space. If you have a small bathroom then adding a large mirror is a good hack. It will open up space and make it feel like the bathroom is bigger than it actually is. Mirrors are also good for decoration and well, of course, they are a useful addition to the bathroom.


Rolled Towels


Instead of folding your towels to be placed in your bathrooms, roll them. Placing the rolled towels instantly gives your bathroom a spa feel. It makes the bathroom feel richer and more put together.


Some small changes and some big ones go hand in hand when it comes to bathroom decor. Try to incorporate the big ones when you buy your new home or are remodelling, though most of the big changes can be taken on as weekend projects. Even tiny changes like the way you fold your towels can change the complete look of your bathroom.


So, what are you waiting for? Get set to give your bathroom a necessary oomph!


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