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Beard Grooming starter guide to go insta-handsome!

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Like all the other fashions, beard fashion also keeps changing, recently like Ranveer Singh, everyone is growing beards and sporting the look and we have to agree it looks good. It was a complete 360 to the clean-shaven trend. Beard gives out a more confident look. So, here we have a basic beard grooming guide to help you get started.



Start out by being patient

When you are starting out growing a beard, the most important thing to keep in mind is some hair grows faster than the other so let the hair grow in. Do not shave or trim for 4-6 weeks when you begin.


Keep it clean

Wash the beard regularly. In the early stages of growing your beard out, pay extra attention because you are not used to having trapped food in your beard. Trapped food particles and dead skin cells can cause irritation and itching.


Use Beard Oil

The dryness of the skin can result in flaking off of the skin cell, the dead skin cells get trapped in your beard or forms tiny clumps on your cheeks, it is a good idea to oil your beard to keep your skin healthy and nourish your beard.


Suit the beard to your face shape

A goatee doesn’t look good on everyone. So, have the full effect of having a beard by matching the style to your face shape. For inspiration, look up images of people with the same face shape as yours and see what is the common beard style you come across, try that, that style is sure to suit you.


Trim it

Even if you are growing your beard out, trim it every once in a while to get rid of stray hair and split ends. Also, as the beard starts growing it can lose its shape for the aforementioned reason of different growing speed of hair so trimming it to maintain your desired shape is necessary.


Use Beard Brush

If you are growing a full beard, along with its health and styling focus on maintaining too. Comb your beard using a beard comb or beard brush. If you do not have a full-grown beard or have thin hair, be gentle as the bristles can scratch your skin.


Be proud

Lastly, the final step is to rock your beard with confidence, take pride in it and flaunt it because after all, you have spent so much time grooming it.


 Quick Pro Tips

  • Invest in a good quality trimmer
  • Have a pair of trimming scissors handy
  • Take care of your diet for luscious beard locks
  • Clean after every meal if you have a full beard, especially after snacking on things like chips and biscuits
  • Massage gently and well with beard oil
  • Do not pull the beard hair knots with a comb, oil it and comb through it gently


All that being said, it boils down to carry beard look with confidence while obviously taking care of it and you are all set for the bear-delicious look.


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