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Glow getters, listen up! Here Are the Best Skincare Tips to Follow this Summer

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If summers mean slathering on thick layers of sunscreen for you, then it’s definitely time to pause and think again! While we all get busy soaking up the sun and dreaming of us unknowingly make our skin pay a hefty price by going easy on the skincare routine. The result? We land up struggling with the horrors of oily skin, clogged pores and sunburns that ruin our looks.


Today, we’ll give you some feasible skincare tips for summer beach holidays, pool parties and barbeques during lazy summer days, most of that will prep your skin for the sunnier days ahead and make you pool-ready!


No matter what you hear, do not ditch the moisturiser!

It’s quite tempting to ditch the lotions and creams when summers create havoc with our skin and existence, quite literally! But did you know that your face needs hydration all year round? All you need to do is switch to light-as-air Vitamin C serums or oil-free moisturisers that can help undo the sun damage and battle hotter temps.


Watch that pout!


Although the humidity and warmer air offer relief to chapped lips, you’re putting them at the risk of UV damage without a good lip balm that has SPF. Your lips need sunscreen too, so reapply a rich balm every 3-4 hours whenever you’re outside.


Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate!


Remember, if you want your skin to absorb any cream or mask to get that glow, it needs to be clean in the first place! That’s the reason exfoliation is more than crucial during summers as it removes skin debris and piled up dead cells that prevent it from breathing. If you love going the organic or natural way, then use home remedies like sugar mixed with honey, coffee beans, sea salt or oatmeal for scrubbing. But never over-exfoliate as that can cause rashes and more harm than good.


Load up on antioxidants

We’re not just talking about eating citrus fruits, green vegetables, green tea and nuts to amp up the antioxidant intake. How about investing in a good antioxidant serum during the sweltering heat? Not only would it hydrate your skin, but it will also protect your skin from environmental damage and improve collagen production to give you a younger looking skin.


Embrace SPF

OK, so this step comes right at the end of our summer skincare list as it’s pretty darn obvious. Switch to a product that has a higher SPF and offers a broad ultraviolet spectrum (between 30-50 SPF and covers UVA and UVB rays). Reapply every three hours and ensure that you cover your hands, feet, shoulders, and neck as well.


Trust us, there’s absolutely nothing yummier than sexy summer skin and a confident you! Summers are all about using the right products to reverse the sun damage and pampering your skin unapologetically. So, invest in a good hydrating mask or if you’re in the mood to indulge, go for relaxing massages to repair, rehydrate, and soothe your skin.


So, follow these problem-fixing tips to enjoy your summers more and feel radiant from the inside out.


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