Fashion vs. Comfort: what would you choose?

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Have you heard of, “Comfort is the key” or “It’s for fashion, baby”? Both of these phrases are the main points of debate when it comes to choosing comfort or fashion. We all can agree on one thing that fashionable clothing is not necessarily the most comfortable stuff out there. So, for people who value their comfort over fashion, it has become an easy excuse. They wear what they want and complains about the clothes being uncomfortable whereas the people who choose fashion over everything else put themselves in discomfort to look good.



Why not find a middle ground? Sure, when you hear the words comfort, leggings, sweats, tracksuits come to mind and when you hear fashion or glam, cuts, sequins, sexy clothing comes to mind. But why go the extreme way in both cases? With fashion being this wide ocean of options, ideas in a time where we see a ton of weird fashion, wouldn’t we be able to create something that is comfortable and fashionable at the same time? We sure can and we sure have.


There are tons of clothing that have been made with comfort in mind while not compromising with the style statement or the fashionista approach. You can now be a sizzling hot diva while also being in your comfort zone. The fashion market has become very competitive with thousands of companies rising each year. So, they target both the extremes, people who choose fashion over everything and people who choose comfort over everything.


For eg: If you are not a jeans person and more of a leggings person but sometimes leggings don’t look put together enough, that is where jeggings come in- Style of jeans, with the comfort of leggings. Love t-shirts, hate dresses but still want to wear dresses? Boom! T-shirt dresses!












Whenever a trend is unleashed on the fashion world, the companies take their own spin on it to appeal the comfort seekers and the fashion riskers. So, to suit your style you do not have to let go a trend. Keep your eye out for companies that cater to your type of audience look for their take on trends. If you still would like to craft it to suit yourself then the Internet is your saviour. With each trend, there crops a number of DIY tutorials and they are easy to follow. Are you thinking that what you have is not fashionable enough? Take your scissors and hack away. Get your fabric glue and throw in some glitz and glam with sparkles and stick on. If you think they are not comfortable enough then turn them into something completely else.


In the end, it’s all about what represents you the best, what makes you happy, and lastly what you feel the most comfortable in.


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