Get Kylie Jenner’s Looks on Forever 21

Get Kylie Jenner’s Looks on Forever 21

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A lot of people copy Kylie Jenner’s style. While everyone wants to look and dress like her not everyone has the money she does. So today, we thought why not search a fashion website that a lot of people buy from and is affordable to create some of her looks.


We have already created Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift’s looks from Amazon. Now heading on to a proper fashion site, we decided to go for Forever 21 for Miss. Kylie.


Here are 2 looks, one is simple and second is a bit complicated, that you can recreate from the brand.


First Look


This look is very simple to recreate. Bodycon dresses are available almost everywhere and grey is a common colour to that. It wasn’t difficult searching for a dress that looked similar. Add white socks and sneakers and a pair of cat eye sunglasses and you are good to go.


Curved Hem T-Shirt Dress

The hem line is curved on the dress but gives the same Kylie vibe. This dress is a heather grey colour.


It is priced at Rs. 800  Get it here


Second Look


This look wasn’t that simple to recreate. We couldn’t find a tube top on the website and of course not the matching jacket. We were scrapping this look but then we thought to energize our patience. This is a good example of taking the inspiration and creating something a bit different. There are 3 pieces here to work with- black shorts, black tube top, and a black and white patterned jacket. Add black boots to the options below and you are done.


Cuffed Denim Shorts

These Black Denim Shorts look pretty similar and will also go with many different outfits so it is a great piece to have.


This is also priced at Rs. 1,149  Get it here


Strappy-Back Seamless Bralette


Similarly, if you are going for the same skimpy vibe then you can go for this bralette. You will be layering it so you don’t have to worry about being cold. You can also replace it with a black sports bra, that’s actually closer to the look we are going for anyway.


This bralette is priced at Rs. 480 Get it here



Strap-Waist Crop Top

This is different than what Kylie has on but we are including this because if you feel like a bit out there then the straps here are a great way to make a tiny alteration and be in your comfort zone yet achieve the same vibe.


This crop top is priced at Rs. 770    Get it here



Fireside Fringed Cardigan

This cardigan follows a similar pattern but the colour scheme is different, it has a combination of cream and  navy but gives the pattern vibe we are going for.


This cardigan is also priced at Rs. 1,152     Get it here


Kylie’s style is loved by all so if you like to look up to celebrities in the fashion sense then sure go for it, however, remember that you most probably can’t afford to spend the same on just clothes so look for substitutes. Above all, we are always here to guide you through the abundance of options. Stay tuned for more such style guides.


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