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Hair care tips every girl should know!

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Summer is almost here and if you are anything like me then you worry a lot about your hair in this season. You constantly look out for tips to take care of your hair. Well, it all starts with the basic steps we take right from oiling, washing, to styling. Let’s check out the basic things to do that I have learnt over the years.


Cover and protect your hair

Hair is the part that is exposed the most to sun, wind, rain, pollution, you name it. Exposure to excessive sun, heat, dirt, pollution increases our hair problems. These can lead to dirt build up which then results in drying out of hair and scalp which then results to dandruff and flaking and also increases the chances of infections on the scalp. To prevent this, it is important to protect your hair. Cover your hair with a stole, hat, or with an umbrella.


Apply oil frequently

Oil helps moisturize the scalp and prevents your scalp from flaking, it also loosens the dirt buildup for it to be easily washed off. Oil your hair as frequently as you can and use a gentle shampoo to wash the oil off. Oiling your scalp is good for your hair too, it strengthens the follicles and not to mention, oil massages are therapeutic and help you relax. So, win-win!


Don’t shampoo your hair daily

 I used to be guilty of this, I oiled my hair daily and shampooed it daily. This process flushes out the scalp’s natural oil. As much as you apply oils, your body’s natural oil is going to help you more. Shampooing your hair two to three times a week allows your natural oils to penetrate your hair and allows it to hydrate and repair itself. The harsh chemicals being used daily is also not good for the growth of your hair, it can lead to breakage and dryness.


Use shampoo and conditioner from the same range

We are used to getting whatever is on sale, while it can help to save, in the long run, it can cost more in hair repair. Not that big of a deal but using both the products from the same range will help you more because it has a similar formulation and different ranges in the same brand are made for a specific hair type and purpose, they also target specific problems that you might be facing.


Be cautious when dealing with wet hair

I am guilty of not taking care of my hair and not being gentle when my hair is wet. I brush immediately after a shower and that’s a big mistake because wet hair is very fragile and breaks easily. All the pulling to get the knots off can result in a great deal of hair loss. Be gentle with your hair when it is wet and comb it slowly.


Try using less heat on your hair

Avoid using heat on your hair is an advice everyone gives because heat strips the moisture from your hair. It results in your hair gets dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage. But you still want to look fab and I understand that. I am not telling you to stop it completely, just limit the times you use the hair styling tools. Use iron/curl, straighteners only if necessary and if possible remember to use a hair protector before, don’t use a lot of harsh chemicals simultaneously and also don’t overheat, that can cause your hair to burn.


Avoid tight hair ties

We love to tie our hairs super tight but that’s unhealthy for our hair. It pulls your hair tight which increases friction and causes breakage. Reduce the number of loops you do, use a hair tie that is big enough to hold your hair in place and is still not too tight. You can use scrunchies instead, they are gentler.


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