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Love eating? Here’s how you can be a foodie and still have a fit body!

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First things first. Fitness doesn’t mean excluding carbohydrates from your diet completely just because it sounds fashionable. It also isn’t about blindly following Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan’s post-pregnancy regime or macho man Akshay Kumar’s diet fundas to look the way they do. Don’t forget that they have an entourage to help them achieve their health goals and we don’t!


Here’s the truth. Fit people don’t diet or starve themselves to death, period! Yes, you heard it right. The trick to staying fit is to eat the right foods that nourish our bodies with nutrients and not just satisfy hunger by indulging in cravings or flavours. So, how can we keep the foodie in us alive, eat to our heart’s content and still stay in shape? Here are some doable tips.


Don’t eliminate certain foods

The golden rule is to never cut out any food type, be it carbs, gluten or fat. Your body requires a variety of foods for different functions, so the only important thing is to exercise portion control and not limit yourself to so-called ‘healthy’ or on-trend options.


Eat for longevity

Apart from staying in shape, our bodies need food to grow, heal and fight off infections. So, why pick a meal packed with pounds that will only make you feel like eating more and sluggish? Stock up on fruits, oats, eggs, greens and lean protein instead of a cheeseburger with tons of calories and no real nutrients.


Beware of emotional eating

 Do not allow emotional triggers or a time crunch to lure you into the fast food trap. Just follow this simple rule: No matter how bad your day was, don’t put anything in your mouth that isn’t nourishing for your body.


Eat even when you’re not hungry

Hunger makes you the monster you really aren’t. No, we aren’t talking about the Snickers hunger-driven commercial. When we’re hungry, we tend to grab anything that offers relief from that empty, nagging feeling in your belly. For that reason, eating even before you feel the insane hunger pangs, automatically gives you more time to choose a healthy alternative.


Cheat foods are good for the soul and diet, well almost!

Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you have your favourite chocolate truffle or ghee-laden kachoris every day. But denying yourself those comforting sweets or foods you love will only make your relationship with food bitter. It’s important to eat whatever you want once in a week or a month, even if it fills you with guilt. Over time, these foods would become less appealing as you start developing a healthier relationship with foods that are good for you.


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