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No more baggy Maternity clothes- Say Yes to Style!

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For years, maternity clothing has been associated with words like baggy, oversized, flowy, comfortable and all that jazz. While we stand by comfort always, we sure want that element to never change in maternity clothes, we also feel that you can be comfortable and stylish with your growing bump. As we have established there’s no need to be unfashionable because you want comfort.


Bringing a baby into this world is one of the happiest times in one’s life, you will most probably be photographing yourself to see how your body changes, to share it with your friends and family, all we say is, do it in style. So, that whenever you go through the images you never are embarrassed of the styling you opted for.


The first step is to go through your closet, for the beginning months you can obviously wear your clothes till the bump starts to show. Even after that, you will be surprised at how many of your pieces still fit you. Take out all those loose, baggy t-shirts and sweaters, skirts with elastic bands, pyjamas with drawstrings, coats, and the stretchy material dresses. Create a mini wardrobe with what you have and from there decide on what you need.


     T-shirt Dresses




Pick T-shirt dresses for a cute daytime look. They are comfortable and chic and won’t be a problem for all the times you need to pee. Pair them with comfortable sneakers and you are all set.






    Pencil Dresses




Pencil dresses can show off your bump with sophistication. They are a great evening look and style wise are anyway a plus. You can go to the Charlotte Hawkins route and choose a bright, colour block dress or play with patterns.






     Pencil skirts




Like the pencil dresses, the skirts look sophisticated as well. You can wear them for a formal setting, go with a closed neck, light material blouse or if it is semi-formal, you can take the Kim Kardashian route.






    Skinny or Cropped Jeans




Balance the bump with skinny jeans or cropped jeans. You can either wear low rise jeans that sit below your bump or go for special maternity jeans that come with a wide stretchable waistband.






    Flannel shirts




Flannel shirts are, needless to say comfortable. If you want to use the shirts you already own in your size then you can layer them up. Either keep them unbuttoned or close just the top buttons like Kourtney Kardashian. If you would like to wear just the shirt then definitely size up on it.









Why drop all your glam wear. Wear mini skirts paired with loose t-shirts for the cosy vibe. Layer on a cardigan for an extra homey feel.










If you would like to hide your bump then oversized coats are the best or you can use them just for layering.






One thing to keep in mind is, not going overboard with clothes that are maternity wear specific because you will be wearing them only for a few months. Make the most of your wardrobe and invest in items that are necessary.


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