Morning Motivation: How to Start the Day Right?

Morning Motivation: How to Start the Day Right?

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We know a lot of us hate mornings, hate getting up early. In fact, we just can’t get up early and don’t want to either but agree or not, Mornings are peaceful. You have nature more prominent than the man-made surrounding giving you a soothing environment to work in. You have lesser distractions, there’s not much traffic noise, nor are there people posting on social media, nor is anyone texting you much. Even you can get so much work done and so many things achieved and still have the whole day to yourself.


Here are some morning habits that will eventually help you feel good about starting your day as you start getting used to the chores.


Lay in bed for a few minutes and think positive thoughts

 I know I just said that waking up early helps and now I am telling you to lay in bed. See, we anyway don’t immediately get out of bed as soon as we wake up so when you wake up early you can close your eyes and think without feeling the rush to get to your morning chores. Think about what you are thankful for, what you are looking forward to today, the people you love, and anything that has impacted your life positively. This will make you get out of your bed and start your day with a smile.


Plan the tasks you do not want to do

We would be ignorant if we preached how easy it is to think happy thoughts every morning. Some days are just too busy and rushing to take moments out to think about happy things is just not possible, so instead use the few minutes in the morning to clearly see the mammoth tasks ahead of you, try mentally sorting them, breaking them into chunks and then get out of the bed and tackle them one by one.


Make your bed

It goes without saying but coming home to a made bed feels like heaven and likewise making your bed will stop you from plopping right back into it because who is going to do the work again.



Start meditation, practice breathing techniques, and also focus on your thoughts and try to untangle them from the mess they get in during the day.


Eat a healthy breakfast

We cannot stress this enough but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy to run throughout the day. Even if you forget lunch on your very busy days you will still have something in your body to count on.


We can go on and on about things to do and their benefits, after all. The most important thing to keep in mind is, it is hard to break the habit. So, don’t go about trying to incorporate all the tips you read. Start slow, try with waking up early and when you get the hang of it start introducing early morning habits in your routine.


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