RAW Review

RAW Review : John Abraham’s Intelligence thriller fails to entertain!

Director: Robbie Grewal

Cast: John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher

Genre: Action-Thriller


Now, we all know that John Abraham is on a mission to celebrate the stories of Indian patriotism and his recent movies completely justify his cinematic revolution. Today, another film named RAW- Romeo Akbar. Walter added to the list. The film is based on true events and gives a sincere tribute to the brave men and women who are known in history books often as just ‘spies’. These unsung heroes operate behind enemy lines to protect their motherland. RAW celebrates their identities, sacrifices, and services and we are proud of such films.


RAW starts with an interrogation bloodshed scene where John Abraham is stuck and bruised. Cut to this, the plot goes into a major flashback. Set in 1971, the film shows the post-independence era when things were not all under control. The unrest and war like situations between East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan forms the main crux of the story.


John Abraham is playing Romeo Ali a banker. The Research and Analysis Wing Chief, Jackie Shroff chooses him to go to Pakistan as an Indian spy. He convinces and trains John for the mission. With changed identity and illegal papers, John enters Pakistan as Akbar Malik. Although the film features an atmosphere of tension, attacks and hazards to mankind, the real focus is on the story of a spy who sacrifices his own mother’s love for the love of motherland. Well, it sounds good and is realistic in many cases but the film did not really live up to the expectations. Similarly, the slow plot makes you lose your patience and yawn. The first half feels like a tortoise walking with no real destination. Many scenes are so loosely tied that don’t make sense until the climax.


John as Romeo, Akbar and Walter is awesome. He justifies every look and character with the same intensity. Jackie Shroff as RAW Chief holds the keys to the twisting plot. He easily synced into his character. Not to forget, Alka Amin. She is the real definition of today’s on-screen mother who often plays a realistic roles. Interestingly, the mother-son bond keeps the audience hooked emotionally. Mouni Roy’s role falls flat on the face with no real impact on the plot. Writers tried to make her presence feel with more screentime but sadly failed.


Surprisingly, Sikandar Kher just popped out of nowhere and his Pathani accent game hit the bullseye. Anil George again plays a Pakistani Delegate after URI and feels like he has mastered in such roles now. You are sure of quality entertainment when actors like Anil George and Alka Amin are part of the project. Makers of the film essentially know the talent required for best performance.


Overall, John Abraham’s RAW is a slow-paced roller coaster ride which does not interest you for long but the outcome is convincing once you see it till climax. High on patriotism, the film makes you think about the life of stranded spies and what if the country starts taking them as liability once the work is done? Director Robbie Grewal tried to showcase the other side of the brave tales we hear about intelligence services. RAW could have been into more brighter space with good editing and cinematographic effects. The background score worked on point throughout the film. With multiple twisting spy tricks and fights, the film convinces you on the part of espionage scenes.


We recommend you to watch RAW for John and Sikander Kher’s performance.


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