Simmba review

Simmba Review : Ranveer storms, roars and entertains to the fullest 

Director:  Rohit Shetty

Starring: Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood 

Genre:  Action-Drama

From the first trailer release we knew, Simmba is a masala movie with plot clearly unveiled. What thrills us is Ranveer Singh. The actor overjoys with his brilliant energy, swag, and charismatic on-screen presence. Unlike Ranveer’s earlier role as Khilji of Padmaavat, Sangram Bhalerao is a bad guy turned good for a cause. Simmba stands out as a true ‘Rohit Shetty’ trademark. With plot setting quite similar as Singham and Singham 2, the new addition in director’s franchise shines equally bright. 


The film starts where an encounter is being done at Police station and cut to flashback mode we get to see tiny, orphan Simmba who decides to become a Police Officer to earn Money, Power and Respect in life (Money is the priority… mind it). Being notorious, brave-hearted since childhood, Sangram Bhalerao as a Cop enters in style, showing glimpse and disclaimer of big action ahead. 


Ranveer’s acting as Simmba is contagious, the character instantly connects to the audience. As stated earlier, his priority being money, the first half features the cop as corrupt Officer who gives money an upper hand over ethics and morals of a Police Officer. With tangy dialogues, Ranveer glitters the scene and spiced up lyrics of old songs, impresses instantly!


Sara Ali Khan as Shagun is not less than a mannequin with hardly any strong screen appearance. For the matter of fact, chemistry between Ranveer and Sara does not look appealing. Though there are some moments when Sara manages to increase notes of the plot. One is when she surprisingly confesses her love to Simmba.  The plot does not get looped in a love story, escaping the real moto of the film.


Fair enough!


Actor Sonu Sood is playing antagonist Durva Ranade opposite Simmba. In a powerful role, Durva is an ultimate Villian with ethics to not harm ordinary people. Well, that doesn’t make him a gentleman either. To run his illegal business with ease, Durva controls Police with money and Simmba’s transfer to his territory also becomes a bonus until his two brothers turn into real trouble-maker by doing a brutal crime with someone emotionally close to Simmba.


Watching Ashutosh Rana as Nityanand Mohile, a loyal Head Constable is a delightful experience. His constant struggle of tolerating Simmba as his senior and attempts to awake corrupt officer’s soul brings seriousness to the grave issue of corruption head-on. A scene where Mohile out of respect salutes Simmba definitely brings goosebumps. Similarly, Siddhartha Jadhav gave a brilliant performance in supporting role as Santosh Tavde who stands by Simmba in all circumstances.


Bannered under Rohit Shetty Picturez, Simmba is action-packed. The film has many fight scenes and some of them stand out, awakening a whistle moment. Actor Ajay Devgn’s special appearance is no real surprise but the meet-up of Singham and Simmba brings unmatchable energy on the screen. With Ajay re-doing all his signature stunts, you definitely go back to the nostalgic world of SuperCop Singham.


Finally, Simmba as a film based on rape and revenge does not bring a fresh plot but the way it is screen played is worth a watch. Ranveer Singh steals the limelight with his macho, spontaneous, swagger roleplay. Special mention to songs ‘ Aankh Maarey’ and ‘Aala Re Aala’ for bringing high charismatic quotient, the beats make your feet tap constantly. Simmba entertains to core in the first half and second half is a serious battleground where ACP Sangram Bhalerao transforms and chooses a righteous path to bring justice.




One of the biggest surprise bumps in the end. Rohit Shetty unveiled an addition to the SuperCop franchise. “Sooryavanshi”. Starring a megastar, the film will hit the theatre in 2019.


We recommend you to watch Simmba for comedy and action-packed screenplay.


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