7 ways to style Over-the-Knee Boots this Winter 

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There used to be a love-hate relationship with Over-the-knee boots. Many people liked it and many people didn’t. Over the years, it has slowly started turning into a winter wardrobe staple.


Here are 7 ways to style your over-the-knee boots and also transform some of your summer wears into wears.


Over Skinny Jeans

(Image: Fiona Wade wearing skinny jeans and black over-the-knee boots styled with a white top and black blazer)

Skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots is the classic styling formula. This is the most common look as well. Pair it with t-shirts, sweaters, anything and you are good to go.


Over Leggings

(Image: Hilary Duff wearing Black Leggings with black over-the-knee boots paired with a loose white top)

Leggings, like skinny jeans perfectly compliment the boots, because they are already skin tight they are easier to slip into the boots and are also comfortable to wear. Pair it with long loose tees or long tunics and you are good to go.


Sweater Dress

        (Image: Bella Hadid in an off-white sweater dress and brown thigh-highs with a scarf around her neck)

We have an article on how to style sweater dresses if you would like more ideas. But one of the classic winter pairings has always been sweater dresses and over-the-knee boots. If you can go for monochrome and pair same coloured dress with same coloured boots then it adds a classy touch to an otherwise laidback look.


Pencil Skirts

(Image: Maria-Teresa Andreacchi in a white knit ankle length pencil skirt with dark brown boots, golden zippers paired with turtleneck)

Pencil skirts are also perfect to pair with over-the-knee boots. It slims your figure and also gives off a formal vibe. Pair it with a blouse, button-down or even light weight sweater and you have yourself a professional look.


With Midis

(Image: Unknown. Black midi skirt paired with black over-the-knee boots and paired with a black full sleeve top)

Midis and over-the-knee boots paired together can give off a trendy vibe. The midi dress or skirt hitting at the right angle covering just the hem of the boots is the classy way to go about it. Pair it with a shapely sweater or a turtleneck.



 (Image: Unknown. Pink Romper paired with black over-the-knee boots)

Rompers have been the rage this year, with even Men’s rompers being styled which received a mixed reaction from the general public, more on the flip side. Thanks to over-the-knee boots, this cute summer staple can be transformed into a winter wear.Loose romper with a cinched in waist is probably the best option. Also choose colours that would complement your boots and the weather. If your romper is of thin material and airy as is required for summer, layer it up with a jacket and you are done.




(Image: Khloe Kardashian wearing distressed shorts with black thigh high boots, black deep neck top and a black jacket)

Over-the-Knee boots or thigh high boots are the most practical ways to transform your shorts into more of a winter wear. Pair them with full sleeves, jackets, layer them up or better yet, pair a long jacket to get the most out of it.


Due to the rising popularity of these boots and them serving as a solution for the transformation of seasonal clothing articles, they are on the to-buy radar of people who do not already own them. So, now you know how you can style them. Have fun experimenting with styles.


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