Things to do in Mumbai this Weekend: Gardening Edition

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In cities, we do not have much space for gardening, especially in a city like Mumbai, where it is difficult to find even balcony space for gardening. Despite this, people work tirelessly on their terrace plants, kitchen gardens, herb gardens, terrariums, hanging plants, and whatnot.


If you are someone who wants to learn the art of gardening and working with small spaces then this weekend head over to events happening with gardening in mind. There are workshops and camping trips to get you acquainted with tips and tricks of gardening.


The Art of Kitchen Farming & Camping



We recently made a list of things to do on Republic Day. This event is also created with keeping the day in mind but we thought it fit better in the gardening group so here we are. This camping trip is a great way to celebrate the Republic Day and spend an evening with your loved ones amidst a quiet rustic farm. You get to learn how to reuse your kitchen waste to grow your own fruits and veggies giving your home a healthy start for the year.


Attractions and Inclusions: Camping in a spacious open field, Dinner, Cozy Tents, Comfortable individual sleeping bags, Fun activities, Breakfast, Kitchen Gardening Workshop, Transport from meeting point to campsite and back, First Aid safety by a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR)


When: Sat, 26 Jan 7:00 PM – Sun, 27 Jan 10:00 AM

Where: Marve Beach

Price: Rs 2000 per person


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The Little Farmers – Parent-Child

(Plant To Plate Gardening Workshop)



The gardening and nature workshop is a great bonding activity for parents and children. The workshop is a combination of songs, storytelling and experiential education techniques. Children will learn about nature and their environment by actively participating and learning while doing so and also with you.

The Plant to Plate workshop teaches kids where their food comes from, they get to harvest greens, prepare a delicious salad, plant their own microgreens, understand basic composting and a lot more things. 

The fees of this workshop include snacks and a take-home kit and the kit includes Microgreen kit, pot, soil and herb plant, plant care note for parents.


What kids learn in this workshop: Sowing microgreens, Potting a plant, Making a salad snack, Cleaning up and Composting, Eco-consciousness and how to help their mom


When: Sun, 27 Jan 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Where: Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai South

Price: Rs 1500 per parent-child duo


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Organic Kitchen Gardening and Kitchen Waste Composting




You have been thinking about starting your own kitchen garden but lack the practical knowledge needed to kick-start your organic kitchen garden then this workshop is for you, it comprises of a module on home kitchen waste composting, and one on one kitchen gardening.


What you learn in this workshop: Basics of Soil Ecology, Making a ‘Living Soil’ pot, Transplanting, Sowing seeds, Mulching, Re-using different containers as planters, DIY Drip Irrigation methods, Sapling Making, Bottle planter, What to grow when, Sowing Calendar, Homemade pest remedies, Health and Maintenance of your plants, Kitchen-waste Composting at Home


When: Sun, 27 Jan 10:00AM – 1:00PM

Where: Doolally Taproom – Palm Beach Rd

Price: Rs 1800 per person


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Terrarium and dish gardening workshop



Terrarium gardening is gaining traction because of cities and no spaces. They also make beautiful centrepieces for your home and caring for them is considered relaxing.


What you learn in this workshop: Basics of Terrarium Making, Plant selection, Introduction to each and every plant and the plants’ light requirements, Different types of Terrariums, Material and tools needed, Assembly, Hands-on Making of Bottle Garden in a 1.5 litres glass bottle, Hands-on Making of Dry Terrarium – 8 inch, Demonstration on Dish Garden, Demonstration on a Broken pot fairy garden.


When: Sun, 27 Jan 11:00AM – 3:00PM

Where: Our Lady Of Salvation Church, Mumbai South

Price: Rs 2500 per person


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Terrarium workshop- Table garden



Terrariums are beautiful miniature green gardens in a glass jar and require very low maintenance. They are a great addition to your home/office interiors which also helps you De-stress yourself. Like with the workshop above, you learn the craft and also different styles in this one.


What you learn in this workshop: 2 different types of terrarium: open and closed, Introduction to terrariums, science, different types, concepts, Material Specifications, Types of Plants suitable, Steps of Assembly, Hands-on Practical on an open terrarium, Watering and Aftercare


You also get to take away your beautiful miniature terrarium garden in 8″x 8″ glass jar.


When: Sun, 27 Jan 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Where: Doolally Taproom – Andheri, Mumbai

Price: Rs 2100 per person


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Gardening is a great way to relax, grow organic vegetables, fresh herbs and also save a bit on things you would buy otherwise. Indoor gardening also is an effective way of indoor decor and plants liven up any space they are in. So, it’s a win-win all around!


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