ways to style a basic white t-shirt

Top 5 ways to style a basic White T-shirt

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A plain white t-shirt is the most important wardrobe staple item out there. The outfit possibilities are endless with super whites. This piece is a versatile item that can be used to create a ton of different vibes and looks. All the way from casual, laid-back to dressy, put together. We all love white tee outfits. So, here are some looks that we absolutely love and that work for a lot of women with bare minimum efforts.


White T-shirt and Jeans



This, white t-shirt and boyfriend jeans are the most basic combo that you can get out of it. It is comfortable, chic, and loved by all. The style of jeans can be switched up from loose to fitting and you will still have a versatile style with a versatile piece.


White T-shirt and Shorts



After jeans, shorts are the most paired with the item for white t-shirts. They are comfortable, cute, and chic. They are easy to carry and make good summer outfits.


White T-shirt and Overalls



Overalls are loved by many. They are perfect for outings and strolls around the city. Pairing them with a white t-shirt gives you the casual, laid-back vibe that the overalls are notorious for.


White T-shirt and Patterned Skirt



The white t-shirt is like a blank canvas, there’s not much that won’t go with it. Patterned skirts are a great way to bring some colour and of course pattern in your outfit.


White T-shirt and Denim Button-Down Skirt



Basic denim skirt will do too but this version is perfect for a comfortable outfit with a little bit of oomph. You can snap all the buttons down or open up as many as you are comfortable with and it can make a great outing outfit.


White t-shirts are versatile and a wardrobe staple, no doubt, but they also make great style statements. They can be paired with a lot of pieces and that is what we are all out to explore. Don’t we all love multi-styling articles? Tell us how you go babelicious with whites.


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