Tripling 2 Review: The Trio sibling ride fades away!


Well, it’s been a long journey for the fans of Tripling to see Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan back again. A web series of crazy sibling trio took the binge-watching entertainment to the next level in the country. Every aspect of Tripling made us relive the beauty and tenderness of the sibling relationship. A good blend of comedy, fiction and characterization are the main essence of Tripling and well the same continues in season 2 as the trio returns with the same bond. 


Although Season 2 is full of nostalgic scenes and dialogues from Tripling, many things have changed. Chandan has written a book on his crazy road trip with siblings and the film on the book is under production. Well, Chitvan is getting supreme treatment in the film but the real-life story is different. Chitvan is all new. The cool dude is now a responsible father of a toddler and we are like… what???


Things go crazy with each episode. Do you remember in the season 1 Chitvan says- Jijaji Baanjh hain! Well, the Praja of Pranav is all hurt and outraged with this statement mentioned in the book and so is Chanchal. Pranav goes missing after this incident and the bizarre blame of murder is on Chanchal. The season 2 is completely about Jijaji Pranav’s hunt. The road trip begins on a relatably tensed mode but events happening gives a complete roller coaster ride where some moments are hilarious while some flat fall on the face. 


The clues to reach Pranav takes them to Lucknow, Kolkata and Gantok. The mission road trip gets accomplished but we must tell you journey till the last episode is not all entertaining. The introduction of characters like Prince Alexander played by Gajraj Rao and Detective Byomkesh Bakshi Satyanveshi played by Rajit Kapoor felt unnecessary. At points, we thought how would we survive till the last episode. Sad but true! 


Overall, the new season is okay to deal with if you are not expecting the same crazy chaotic laughter. Similarly, it’s heartbreaking to see one of the favourites web series sinking badly in the plot. Performances by Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar are just on point. There are some quirky one-liners that set your mood. To sum it up, makers painted a vast fictional canvas for Tripling that tickled our funny bones real hard but Tripling 2 just couldn’t do justice to the drama and fun we really expected. We hope if another season is on charts, writers will focus more on the plot than just character introductions. 


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