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Why Charcoal Beauty mask is your best friend?

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Hey, we know this summer season is going beyond tolerance and your skin is super affected. You are totally surrounded by Pollution these days and this summer daylight just accelerates the skin damage. The impurities, dust clog your skin pores and your face literally struggles to breathe out fresh. Well, these skin concerns go worst up to acne, dull complexion if you ignore them. When we first heard about Charcoal masks trend, we were like what? Are we expecting a dense black mask to brighten up our skin complexion? Isn’t it too much to ask from a beauty product? Well, science works here.

Activated charcoal has a natural property of adsorption. This boasts skin benefits by adsorbing oil, dust, dirt and other toxic substances from clogged pores. Activated charcoal is scientifically proven to draw foreign substances from skin and hence such charcoal facial masks are the new and effective fad in the beauty aisle.

Here’s a list of Charcoal Face Masks that are really good and works just perfect with all skin type.

Kaya Clinic Charcoal Mask

Kaya is an ultimate stop for all your skincare needs and what can be better than to start off with such an expert brand. The Charcoal & Tea Tee oils act as an antiseptic, helps in fighting acne problems, cleanses pores by removing dead cells and gives a matt look to your skin. Well, the combination of Tea and Charcoal is just perfect if you are looking something for a brighter, flawless complexion.

Beardhood Charcoal Mask

Beardhood charcoal peel off face mask is a quality you can trust. This mask helps in removing blackheads, impurities and blemishes skin for radiant skin. Interestingly, it contains bamboo extracts which remove clogging dirt, extra oils and gives a tighten skin for young smooth skin feel. It is made from natural ingredients such as charcoal and bamboo extracts, making it 100%  safe product. 

Earthyboon Charcoal Mask

Earthyboon Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask is a deep cleansing facial mask for face & nose. It is especially known for removing strong, stubborn facial impurities such as stain, oily spots, and dead skin cells. Similarly, it provides vitality to the skin and also smoothe the skin texture, resulting in a completely smooth feel.  

Cenizas Charcoal Mask

Cenizas charcoal peel off face mask is known for removing blackheads, impurities, and blemishes your skin. Loaded with essential skin nutrients, this face mask is just perfect to balance out your skin health. The activated bamboo charcoal in the mask has strong adsorption capacity that works like a magic tool by removing pore dirt and extra oils,  blackheads and many more

Positive Lifescience Charcoal Mask

This skin-friendly facial mask is the perfect blend of natural ingredients such as Activated charcoal, tea tree oil, collagen peptides, calendula, rosemary oil, cranberry extract, neem extract and fruit extracts to help the skin come alive again. Being a Dermatologically & Lab Tested certified, this face mask is 100% free from preservative, sulphur, and parabens and completely safe to apply. 

Well, its time to grab on the best charcoal face mask from the list above and let the magic of black science enhance the otherwise dull, damaged skin.

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